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Different Types of Industrial thermometers developed by Jrm thermometers

Every JRM Thermometer is manufactured individually by hand to the finest quality of workmanship and with the use of carefully selected materials thereby ensuring that each instrument performs to the highest degree of accuracy and is comparable to International Standards such as ASTM and IP Standard Thermometers. Our Thermometers have been certified by National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi with the highest degree of accuracy.

We stand proud of our Customers in India & Abroad, who have helped us scale new heights at regular intervals. Apart from a being the market leader in India, we also export our Thermometers to Customers in the Middle East, United States of America, Australia, Singapore, West Indies and Europe. The long lasting and fruitful association that we continue to share with our esteemed customers stands in testimony to our commitment and will to serve the Industry world wide.

Refrigeration Thermometers :-

Refrigeration Thermometers are made of white or yellow back prismatic capillary with liquid coloured spirit

The Thermometer is fitted on a specially designed seasoned Wooden Frame/Plastic Body with C & F combined scale.

This thermometer is suitable for use in cold storage, Cold Rooms, Chilling Plants, Refrigerated Ships etc.

The thermometer ranges from -30 to 50°C / -20 to 120°F. And has a division of 1°C / 2°F.

Engine Thermometers

Engine thermometers are made of white or yellow back capillary with liquid mercury filled spirit. It ahs maximum range of 0 - upto 600°C. This thermometer is available in standard sizes of 4 ,6 and 8 inches.

V-Shaped Thermometers

V-Shaped Thermometers are made of white or yellow back capillary with liquid mercury filled spirit .The thermometer has lower body length, which can be customisable as per user requirement.

V-Type Thermometers

V-Type Thermometers are made of white or yellow back capillary with liquid mercury filled spirit. The thermometer has a upper body material which is anodised aluminium. The lower body material of the thermometer is made of brass, copper , stainless steel or mild steel.

This thermometer is suitable for use in ships, diesel engines, pipe lines and tanks etc.

Room Thermometers

This thermometer is specially designed for robust white plastic frame thermometer, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its red toluene filled magnifying lens type imported glass & tubing gives easy reading. These are widely appreciated for its accuracy and are available at market leading prices. The size of the thermometer is 220mm x 50 mm approx. This thermometer ranges from 40° to 50° C and -40° to 120° F. And holds a approximate weight of 50 grams each.

Different Types of thermometers manufactured by Jrm thermometers

Jrm thermometers is the most renowned thermometer manufacturer of India. They are into thermometer manufacturing for the last 55 years.

Jrm thermometer is one of the leading and foremost manufacturer and exporters of glass and laboratory based thermometers. They make unmatched quality of glass thermometer, which makes them stand out from the crowd. We consider our ability to manufacture superior products comparable to International Standards and our commitment to maintain its Quality over the years as one of the primary reasons for our success.

Astm thermometers : -

Astm thermometers are mainly made of yellow or black capillary and are liquid mercury filled coloured spirit. These are made in accordance with the specifications issued by the American Society for testing and materials.

The purpose of usage of this thermometer is mainly partial immersion, cloud and pour , low cloud and pour , low distillation , high distillation, low pensky- martens, high pensky -martens , Cleveland open flash, density wide range, loss on heat , wax melting point, softening point low, softening point high, Saybolt Viscosity , etc

Astm specification thermometer ranges from - 20 to 150°C x 1°C - 91.6 to 94.4°C x 0.05°C. It has a total immersion length of 463 mm.

Long stem thermometer

Long stem or oven thermometers as they are called has a white or yellow back capillary with mercury liquid filled spirit.

The Thermometers have an extra empty portion below the Graduation (Immersion Length). Apart from the standard measurements, we also manufacture Thermometers as per specific requirements.

Precision Thermometers

Precision thermometer have yellow or back capillary or white capillary with mercury coloured spirit and has maximum immersion length of 100 mm. and ranges from -10 to 300°C. This has total length of 1070 mm.

Pocket Thermometers

The Thermometer is fitted inside suitable Plastic Casing with a Pocket Clip. Applicability: Suitable for handy use in almost any kind of Temperature measuring activity not involving high range temperatures.

Pocket thermometers have white or yellow back capillary with liquid mercury filled spirit and has standard range of 0 - 50°C. And a division of 1°C.

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Jrm Thermometers- the most trusted manufacturers of industrial,laboratory and glass thermometers

Jrm Thermometers has become the most trusted and reliable brand of india. Jrm thermometer have been a symbol o quality and precision since its birth in the year 1954. We ensure quality products with international standard, which has marked our presence in the other countries.

Jrm manufactures industrial thermometer which is the most superior quality.

Our voluminous gamut of Industrial Thermometers is available in the market at competitive prices. These thermometers are offered in various designs and specifications to suit the needs of our esteemed clients. Further, our range caters to several industries such as aviation and engineering and are vastly used in laboratories.

Jrm Industrial thermometer manufacturers india is a specially designed thermometer fabricated from bar stock extensively used on generators, ships, compressors & engines etc. ralated industries plants, having alluminium body painted in gold colour & have imported glass thermometer filled with blue colour alcohol. It also consist of brass well.

Jrm Industrial Thermometer manufacturers india comes with different features

Electronic thermometer with six thermocouple compatibility for maximum versatility in industrial, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration applications

· Compatible with type K, type N, type T, type J, type R and type S thermocouple probes

  • Dust and waterproof to IP67 (BS EN 60529, IEC529) standards
  • Maximum and minimum temperature memory
  • Displays temperature in °C, °F and K
  • Hold function to freeze displayed reading
  • Calibration - BS EN 60584 thermocouples (ITS90)
  • Selectable auto switch off
  • Sub-miniature connector

Laboratory thermometers are used to measure temperatures or temperature changes with a high degree of precision. They are made of metal or glass and strengthened through processes such as thermal tempering or annealing. Several types of laboratory thermometers are commonly available. Liquid-in-glass thermometers are made of sealed glass and contain a fluid, usually mercury or red alcohol, whose volume changes relative to its temperature. Bimetallic strip thermometers include two different metals that are bonded together and expand at different rates as they warm up. Often, long bimetallic strips are wound into a coil and used with a dial. Electronic devices such as thermistors measure changes in electrical resistance and convert them to changes in temperature. Infrared thermometers are non-contact devices that convert infrared (IR) energy to an electrical signal that can be displayed in units of temperature. Other specialized or proprietary products are also available.

Jrm Laboratory thermometer manufacturers india measure temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit (F) or degrees Celsius (C). Graduated scalar divisions or test points determine the accuracy with which users can read each type of device. Typically, display numbers are etched or printed on the thermometers housing. With some devices, permanent pigmentation of graduations is used to improve readability. Features such as clip-on magnifiers help users read numbers on more detailed scales. Some laboratory thermometers can be fully immersed in the media being measured. Others can withstand only partial immersion. Devices encapsulated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) are suitable for monitoring acids or other hazardous materials. Teflon, a registered trademark of DuPont, is a common, proprietary form of PTFE. Laboratory thermometers with a protective metal sheath and no-roll cap are commonly available.

Organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) calibrate laboratory thermometers and provide traceability. NIST provides calibration services for a variety of laboratory thermometers that cover a temperature range from -196 C to 550 C (-321 F to 1022 F). Submitted devices must pass a preliminary examination for fineness and uniformity of graduation as well as freedom from moisture, gas bubbles, and cracks. The thermometers to be calibrated are placed in a constant temperature bath along with an NIST-calibrated standard platinum resistance thermometer that is traceable to the International Temperature Scale of 1990 . Special tests may also be conducted on industrial-grade platinum resistance thermometers, digital thermometers, and thermistors. ASTM-certified laboratory thermometers must also pass rigorous testing requirements.

Different types of thermometer manufactured by JRM Thermometers

A thermometer is simply a device to measure. Thermometer has two important factors, in which it sense the temperature the temperature of the element with a mercury bulb. And another one is thermometer changes this physical change into value which we see in a digital display.

Jrm thermometers manufactures custom made process control instruments like Programmable Process Indicators and Controllers, Programmable Sequential Timers, Loop Powered Indicators, Large Sized Digital Indicators, Square Root Extractors, Flow Totalizers, Scrolling Displays, Data Loggers, Process Scanners. e also deal in to Tailor made Electronic Instrumentation. Depending of the process requirements, requirements of user’s changes and those becomes specific, in certain cases. We design and develop the Instruments as per the client’s requirements. Those are mainly in to demand at Building Automation Systems, Dosing Systems, Batching Systems, Smoke Analysis etc. We also have a base in System Automations.

Thermometers not always makes perfect reading, it all depends on the accuracy, precision and reproducibility. Jrm thermometers match all the qualities as the best thermometer manufacturers of India. Some electronic thermometers or clinical thermometers can measure upto 0.1°C as these thermometers are calibrated to fixed point. If all the thermometers are calibrated from 0 and 100°C it becomes accurate in the sense that it will give the right temperature reading.

For many purposes reproducibility is important. That is, does the same thermometer give the same reading for the same temperature (or do replacement or multiple thermometers give the same reading)? Reproducible temperature measurement means that comparisons are valid in scientific experiments and industrial processes are consistent. Thus if the same type of thermometer is calibrated in the same way its readings will be valid even if it is slightly inaccurate compared to the absolute scale.

An example of a reference thermometer used to check others to industrial standards would be a platinum resistance thermometer with a digital display to 0.1°C (its precision) which has been calibrated at 5 points against national standards (-18, 0, 40, 70, 100°C) and which is certified to an accuracy of ±0.2°C.

There are a number of uses for thermometers. Thermometers have been built which utilize a range of physical effects to measure temperature. Temperature sensors are used in a wide variety of scientific and engineering applications, especially measurement systems. Temperature systems are primarily either electrical or mechanical, occasionally inseparable from the system which they control (as in the case of a mercury-in-glass thermometer). Alcohol thermometers, infrared thermometers, mercury-in-glass thermometers, recording thermometers, thermistors, and Six's thermometers are used outside in areas which are well-exposed to the elements at various levels of the Earth's atmosphere and within the Earth's oceans is necessary within the fields of meteorology and climatology. Airplanes use thermometers and hygrometers to determine if atmospheric icing conditions exist along their flight path, and these measurements are used to initialize weather forecast models. Jrm thermometers have been the largest thermometer exporters of all time.

Jrm Thermometer manufactures many types of Industrial thermometers like wall thermometer, soil thermometer, electric contact thermometer etc. This makes the Jrm thermometers the largest Industrial thermometer manufacturers.

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Different types of Thermometers manufactured by JRM thermometers India

Thermometers can be divided into two separate groups depending on the physical basis of thermodynamic laws and quantities. But in the case of primary thermometers the temperature can be measured without any unknown quantities. These types of thermometers work based on state of gas, velocity of sound in gas.

Secondary thermometers are used because these are very convenient to use but these types of thermometers are much more sensitive than the primary ones. These thgermometers have to be calibrated against the primary thermometers to a certain temperature level or at fixed points of temperature. JRM are the largest Laboratory Thermometer Manufacturers of india.

Thermometers can be calibrated either by comparing them with other calibrated thermometers or by checking them against known fixed points on the temperature scale. The best known of these fixed points are the melting and boiling points of pure water. (Note that the boiling point of water varies with pressure, so this must be controlled.)

The traditional method of putting a scale on a liquid-in-glass or liquid-in-metal thermometer was in three stages:

Immerse the sensing portion in a stirred mixture of pure ice and water at 1 Standard atmosphere (101.325 kPa ; 760.0 mmHg) and mark the point indicated when it had come to thermal equilibrium.

Immerse the sensing portion in a steam bath at 1 Standard atmosphere (101.325 kPa ; 760.0 mmHg) and again mark the point indicated.

Divide the distance between these marks into equal portions according to the temperature scale being used.

These types of laboratory thermometers are manufactured by JRm thermometers and they are the largest laboratory thermometer exporters of india.

Bio-degradable Thermometer:

India’s First Mercury Free Thermometers Environmentally safe non toxic, Biodegradable Liquid. Accurate, Precise, Repeatable was manufactured by JRM thermometers. They are india’s first Bio-degradable thermometer manufacturers.

With SafeTherm we are working towards reducing the usage of mercury in scientific laboratories, classrooms, industries and in our society. Our aim is to provide alternative to mercury containing thermometers with environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable liquid filled thermometers.

SafeTherm thermometers are available in all typical range from – 20 °C up to 250 °C.

Minus Range Thremometer:

Minus Range Thermometer are liquid in glass thermometer with coloured spirit filled thermometers. The range of minus range thermometer is -50 - 100°C. This thermometer has a total length of 300 mm and the immersion length of minus range thermometer is 75 mm.

Metal Encased Glass Thermometers:

Metal Encased glass thermometers comes with yellow black or white one with liquid filled coloured spirit. Metal encased glass thermometers comes in a maximum range of 0- 600°C. And are available in sizes of 4//6/8 inches. And are mostly used in Ships, Diesel Engines, Pipe Lines, Tanks etc.